1.Question: does it come with something to drill the screws in?


No tools provided.

Only the lock set is in the box.

Very simple installation with a quality Phillips screw driver.

Took about 10 minutes, start to finish.


2. Question: Are these locks re-keyable?


3. Question: Will these be keyed alike if I buy at the same time

    Answer: No


4.Q:will door open from inside if locked, i think they call it emergency exit, i call them nightmares, locked out and can't get back in.

A:Yes.This assembly has a half-turn twist lock in the center of the inside knob. If it is turned to lock you cannot turn the knob until you turn the center lock mechanism back to the un-lock position. From the outside you must use a key if the knob mechanism is locked.


5.Question:I’m planning to use this for a gate outside that is in full sun and will get wet. Will this work?

Answer:Yes! This item is designed for outside used and is weather proof


6.Question:If i order 3 of these can i get them all keyed the same?

Answer:Unfortunately we do not offer multiple sets keyed alike, however they can easily be re-keyed by a local locksmith


7Question:Can it be installed on metal door?



8.Question:Will the lock be easy to pick by someone else?

Answer:NO.The Entrance handle comes with a unique lock and key that makes it extremely hard to pick


9.Question:Does it come with the screws?

Answer:It comes with screws - it comes with everything you need to install it. And it works great too!


10.Question:I want to make sure. Does it have a spring loaded latch so that the latch engages automatically when the door closes?

Answer:Is does have a spring loaded but will not lock automatically you will need to pull it closed manually every time


11.Question:Is it really oil rubbed bronze or it is black ?(针对具体型号)



12.Question:Does this product have warranty ?

Answer:Yes, 1. Lifetime warranty for door locks


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